Walla Walla House Renovations

Our "new" Walla Walla, WA house was built in 1906 and has had many lives since that time. We've learned that it was an army convalescent home along with two others surrounding us in WWI. In fact, our original boiler (still in the basement), heated all three homes! Much later the home was divided into 4 apartments and rented to Whitman College students. This was the state of the home when we bought it. 

There had never been insulation or HVAC ducting, and the house had outdated wiring. We replaced all the windows and took care of all those "musts" before moving in. Then we started repairing all the plaster walls that now had holes everywhere from the electricians and other contractors, one room at a time because we were trying to live and work here.

By the way, we were looking for a home that was “finished.” 😉


The stair pictures illustrate what happened on nearly every wall of the house during the renovation. There was plaster damage due to age and water, and holes everywhere thanks to a whole house rewire and blow-in insulation.

Living Room


Dining Room




Family Room

Guest Room